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Once Logged In, you will have the capabilities of one of the top wellness resources in the country at your fingertips, fully integrated with HIPPA-compliant, on-line calandars, reporting and access to the customized meal plans, health measurments and activity records we will put together.

If you would like a preview of the kinds of information available, feel free to browse the following links and register. 

  • Meal plans -- Easily customized to your tastes and linked into an extensive database of foods from the most common restaurants where you might be eating out.
  • Exercise plans -- Also customized to what works best for you both with regard to content and frequency with caoloric burn information already captured and available for reference.
  • Medical information -- If we are tracking medical treatments and measurements along side of your health and activity records, these HIPPA-compliant pages make sure there is but a single place for all of the information relevant to the program on which we are working.
  • Reports -- In addition to the in office graphing and monitoring, there are a host of pre-established reports you will be able to use to additionally monitor your progress.

As a client, you will find this to be a convenient, safe, 24/7 resource for us to keep up to speed and work together to meet your goals.




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